Enhance Your Vinyl Fence with Stylish Post Caps from Wholesale Fencing

Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your vinyl fence with our exquisite collection of post caps. At Wholesale Fencing, we offer a wide range of options to suit your unique style and preferences. Discover the perfect finishing touch for your fence and make a statement that sets your property apart.

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Vinyl Fence Post Caps Made in the USA

At Wholesale Fencing, we take pride in providing the highest quality products to our customers. Our vinyl fence post caps are manufactured right here in the USA, ensuring superior craftsmanship and durability. With our commercial-grade offerings, you can trust that our post caps are built to withstand various weather conditions, offering long-lasting beauty and protection.

Vinyl Fence
Vinyl Fence

The Timeless Charm of New England Post Caps for Vinyl Fences

For a classic and elegant look, our New England post caps are the perfect choice. Designed to fit true 5×5 or 4×4 posts, these caps exude a timeless appeal. Crafted with precision, our New England style post caps will not fade or weather over time, making them a reliable and attractive addition to your vinyl fence.

Add Character to Your Vinyl Fence with Gothic Post Caps

Inject a touch of character into your fencing project with our Gothic post caps. Departing from the standard pyramid caps, these unique caps bring a sense of individualism to your fence design. Use them on ends and corners or alternate them with other post caps to create an eye-catching pattern that sets your fence apart.

Gothic Post Caps
Solar-Powered Post Cap

Illuminate Your Fence: Solar-Powered Post Caps for Vinyl Fences

Create a captivating ambiance with our solar-powered post caps, designed to illuminate your vinyl fence in the evening. Our Imperial and Regal solar post caps utilize energy-efficient LED lights, offering a brilliant white glow that enhances the beauty of your fence while providing practical lighting. Easy to install and requiring no wiring or maintenance, these solar-powered caps are a cost-effective and eco-friendly choice for your fence lighting needs.

Elevate your vinyl fence to new heights with Wholesale Fencing’s premium post caps. Our extensive selection, superior quality, and attention to detail make us the leading wholesale fence supplier and manufacturer in the industry. Choose from our range of vinyl, chain link, iron, Avimore, and Simtek fences, and complete your fencing project with the perfect post caps that reflect your personal style and enhance your property’s curb appeal.

Explore Our Diverse Range of Fences at Wholesale Fencing


Vinyl Fence

Durability and Beauty Combined Our vinyl fences are crafted to withstand the test of time while adding a touch of elegance to your property. Made from high-quality vinyl, these fences offer exceptional durability and require minimal maintenance. Choose from a variety of styles and colors to find the perfect vinyl fence that complements your outdoor space and enhances its overall appeal.


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Chain Link Fence

When it comes to security and versatility, our chain link fences are an ideal choice. Built with strength and durability in mind, these fences provide reliable protection for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Available in various heights and gauges, our chain link fences offer customizable options to suit your specific needs while providing a cost-effective solution for securing your property.


Iron Fence

Add a touch of timeless elegance to your property with our iron fences. Constructed from durable iron materials, these fences combine strength with sophisticated design. Our iron fences not only provide security and privacy but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your surroundings. With intricate detailing and a range of customization options, our iron fences offer a perfect blend of functionality and style.


iron fence

Avimore Fence

Experience the epitome of elegance and privacy with our Avimore fences. These premium fences are designed to create a peaceful and secluded outdoor space for you to enjoy. Crafted from high-quality materials, Avimore fences offer exceptional durability and weather resistance, ensuring that they maintain their beauty for years to come. Choose from various heights and styles to create a personalized sanctuary in your backyard.


Simtek Fence

Our Simtek fences provide the stunning appearance of natural stone without the high costs and maintenance. These fences are constructed from durable polyethylene materials that mimic the look of stone, offering a realistic texture and color options. Simtek fences are not only visually appealing but also provide excellent privacy and noise reduction. With their superior strength and longevity, Simtek fences are a popular choice for both residential and commercial applications.