Elevate Your Estate with Two Tone Estate Gates from Wholesale Fencing

Enhance the Grandeur of Your Property with Two Tone Estate Gates

Wholesale Fencing, a leading wholesale fence manufacturer and supplier offers exquisite Two Tone Estate Gates that are designed to elevate the grandeur of your estate. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, our vinyl double gates are available in 10′ and 12′ sizes, adding a touch of elegance to any property.

No Return or Warranty on Gates – Prioritize Proper Installation

It’s essential to emphasize the importance of proper installation and gate support, as Wholesale Fencing does not offer returns or warranties specifically for gates. By following our guidelines for gate support, including the use of wheels, blocks, and center braces, you can minimize the risk of sagging and maximize the lifespan of your Two Tone Estate Gates.

Transform your property into a picturesque estate with Wholesale Fencing’s Two Tone Estate Gates. As a renowned wholesale fence supplier and manufacturer, we deliver exceptional products that combine elegance and durability. Remember, proper gate support is crucial for maintaining the integrity of these gates, and our team at Wholesale Fencing is here to provide you with the guidance and high-quality materials you need to ensure your gates stand the test of time.

Sturdy Steel Frames for Long-lasting Support

Our Two Tone Estate Gates feature robust steel frames that ensure structural integrity and long-lasting support. These steel frames give the gates a substantial weight, which calls for proper installation techniques to prevent sagging over time. At Wholesale Fencing, we highly recommend using wheels or blocks to support the gates when closed, preventing undue strain on the gate posts.

Gate Post Insert and Concrete – Additional Measures for Gate Support

While utilizing a gate post insert and concrete can offer added stability to your Two Tone Estate Gates, it’s important to note that without proper support, sagging may occur. Even with these measures in place, the weight of the gates can eventually exert pressure on the posts. To ensure optimal performance and longevity, we strongly advise incorporating additional support methods.

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Center Brace – Reinforce Your Gates for Longevity

Wholesale Fencing provides an optional center brace for your 10′ and 12′ Two Tone Estate Gates at a nominal cost of $25 per gate. This additional feature acts as a reinforcement, further reducing the risk of sagging and ensuring the gates maintain their structural integrity. We highly recommend adding the center brace for 10′ and 12′ gates, as it helps prevent sagging issues in the long run.

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