How to Videos

Calculate Fence Material

Setting Vinyl Privacy Post

Assembling Vinyl Privacy Panels

Assembly Vinyl Privacy Gate

Install Vinyl Privacy Fence on a Hill

Install Vinyl Privacy Fence on a Steep Hill

Cutting 6′ Privacy Vinyl to 3′

How to 45 Degree Corner


Setting 3 Rail Vinyl Post

Install Vinyl Horse Fence Rails

Assemble A Horse Fence Gate

Please take a note: Our video says to apply 1 screw on one side of the gate and 2 screws on the other. Please use 2 screws on each side, we have found that the gates will be stronger and last longer.


Setting Vinyl Picket Fence Post

Assemble Melrose Picket Fence Panels

Assemble Melrose Picket Gate

Assemble Regency Vinyl Fence Gate

We hope you enjoyed watching our how to tutorials. We are happy to help you guys build quality projects with our quality products. Installing vinyl fence is fairly easy if you have the right tools and experience. Vinyl fence is only one of the many products we offer nationwide but this website is dedicated strictly to vinyl fencing. If you have suggestions feel free to shoot us an email and we will look it over and try our best to create a top quality how to tutorial.

Vinyl Fence is an amazing product if installed correct. I really want to emphasize this. If it is not installed correct it can be a really bad product, just like all construction, if you did not do your homework or if you picked up tips that are not satisfactory to a quality install you will regret it down the road. Please, take your time, do your homework and try your best to use the best practices today so your fence will last a lifetime.

Vinyl fencing has been around since the early 90s, well, it’s been around longer than that but it started getting exposure in the 90s. We all want a product that is affordable and maintenance free. Unfortunately we live in a world that does not allow things to stay new for ever, just like us, things get old and eventually die 🙂 Of course vinyl does not die but after a life time it will need to be replaced. With that being said it is an outstanding product for the price, much better than other materials on the market within the same price range.