Unveiling the Rail Ranch Category: High-Quality Rail Gates by Wholesale Fencing

Extensive Range of Rail Gates for Every Requirement

Discover our wide assortment of rail gates in various sizes and color options. Each gate is meticulously crafted with internal steel frames in our Idaho workshop, ensuring exceptional durability and longevity. Our rail gates are perfect for residential, commercial, and agricultural applications. Please note that hardware is not included in the prices listed below. Before installation, we strongly recommend reading our comprehensive instruction guidelines.

4 rail vinyl double gate

Superior Quality at Wholesale Prices

At Wholesale Fencing, we take pride in being a leading wholesale fence supplier, offering premium rail gates at unbeatable prices. By eliminating intermediaries, we pass on the savings directly to our customers. Explore our competitive prices for rail gates, designed to meet your specific needs. Don’t miss out on our exclusive gate discounts when purchased along with our exceptional fences.

Expert Installation Tips for Optimal Results

While we specialize in providing high-quality rail gates, please note that our services are limited to supplying the products only. To assist you in achieving a flawless installation, we offer valuable tips gathered from years of industry experience. Measure your gate accurately before setting your posts and remember to add 2″ to the opening. Utilize our steel gate post insert for added strength, and ensure proper attachment of hinges as per our guidelines. Achieve a perfectly leveled gate by following our step-by-step instructions, ensuring uniform gaps on each side. Attach the striker and latch at your desired height for optimal functionality.

Convenient Shipping and Free Delivery

We understand the importance of efficient logistics when it comes to fencing projects. All our rail gates are conveniently shipped via FedEX, ensuring timely delivery to your doorstep. Plus, when you order rail gates along with our fences, you enjoy the added benefit of free shipping. Experience a hassle-free shopping experience with Wholesale Fencing.

Gate Maintenance and Sag Prevention Measures

We prioritize transparency and want to ensure you have all the necessary information for gate maintenance. Vinyl gates, although sturdy, may experience slight sagging over time. To counteract this, we recommend applying two 2-1/2″ bolts at each joining corner of the gate. Additionally, implementing an adjustable cable brace from the bottom corner of the latch side to the top corner of the hinge side will provide further support and stability. For double gates, the addition of roller wheels near the center where the gate latches can enhance performance. Please note that bolts, brake cables, and wheels are not included and should be procured by the customer or contractor. As installation requirements vary across locations, your vinyl gate may differ from the representative image provided.


2 Rail Gate 4′ $225

2 Rail Gate 5′ $250

2 Rail Gate 6′ $275

3 Rail Gate 4′ $275

3 Rail Gate 5′ $300

3 Rail Gate 6′ $325

4 Rail Gate 4′ $300

4 Rail Gate 5′ $325

4 Rail Gate 6′ $350

Heavy Duty Latch Kit with Striker $16.41

Heavy Duty Hinge Kit $16.19

Double Gate Drop Rod $17.66 5″

Gate Post Insert x 84″ $42.86

Experience the Rail Ranch Category with Wholesale Fencing Choose Wholesale Fencing as your trusted wholesale fence company and gain access to our remarkable Rail Ranch Category. With our extensive selection of rail gates, exceptional quality, competitive prices, and comprehensive installation tips, we strive to exceed your expectations. Order today and enjoy the ease of delivery, outstanding customer service, and reliable products that Wholesale Fencing is renowned for.

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