Planning Your Fence with Wholesale Fencing

Choosing the Perfect Fence: Vinyl, Chain Link, Iron, Avimore, or Simtek?

When it comes to planning your fence, Wholesale Fencing has got you covered with a wide range of options. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of vinyl, the durability of chain link, the timeless appeal of iron, the rustic charm of Avimore, or the modern aesthetics of Simtek, we have the perfect fence to suit your needs. With our extensive selection, you can find a fence that not only enhances the beauty of your property but also fulfills its purpose, be it privacy, protection, or containment.

Everguard Privacy Styles

Purpose of Fence & Ideal Fence Types

Consider the purpose of your fence to guide your selection process. If you want to add a finishing touch to your yard or define your property boundaries, our extensive range of picket fences, horse fences, and other decorative options will provide you with endless choices. For those seeking privacy, we offer various styles of privacy fences that suit your taste. If you desire a fence that allows more light for your plants to thrive, our picket or horse fences may be the ideal option. At Wholesale Fencing, we ensure you have plenty of options to match your needs and budget.

Designing Your Fence: Factors to Consider

Location & Measurement:
The first step in planning your fence is determining where it will be installed. Measure the length of the area you want to enclose, whether it’s your backyard, the side of your house, or even the front yard. Accurate measurements are crucial to ensure you order the right amount of fencing materials from Wholesale Fencing. Our team can assist you in calculating the exact quantity you’ll need, avoiding any wastage or shortage.

Enhancing Accessibility: Number of Gates

As part of your fence planning, consider how many gates you’d like to include. While a single gate is typically sufficient for easy access in and out of your yard, you may opt for additional gates on each side of your house to enhance accessibility. The choice ultimately depends on your personal preferences and requirements. At Wholesale Fencing, we offer a variety of gate options to complement your fence and accommodate your specific needs.

Start Planning Your Fence Today

Don’t wait any longer to enhance your property’s beauty, privacy, and security. Explore our extensive range of vinyl, chain link, iron, Avimore, and Simtek fences today. With Wholesale Fencing, you’ll find the perfect fence to suit your needs, backed by exceptional quality and service. Contact us now to discuss your ideal fence and get started on planning your dream fencing project.


Explore Our Diverse Range of Quality Fences

Vinyl Fence


Our Vinyl Fences – Beauty, Durability, and Easy Maintenance Experience the perfect blend of elegance and functionality with our Vinyl Fences. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our vinyl fences offer exceptional beauty and long-lasting durability. Enjoy the benefits of a fence that is resistant to rotting, warping, and fading, ensuring that it remains visually stunning for years to come. With easy maintenance requirements, our vinyl fences are a hassle-free choice, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your outdoor space.


Chain Link Fences – Security, Versatility, and Affordability When it comes to security and practicality, our Chain Link Fences are the ideal choice. Offering excellent protection and visibility, these fences are perfect for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. The galvanized steel construction ensures strength and durability, making them a reliable option for long-term use. With their affordable pricing and versatile design, our chain link fences provide a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality.

Chain Link
Curved Top


Elevate Your Property with our Elegant Iron Fences Add a touch of timeless elegance to your property with our exquisite Iron Fences. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these fences combine classic aesthetics with unmatched durability. Our iron fences are built to withstand the test of time, providing a strong and secure barrier for your property. Choose from a variety of ornamental designs that effortlessly enhance the beauty and value of your home or business, while offering the utmost protection and privacy.


Avimore Fences – Rustic Charm and Natural Beauty Experience the rustic charm and natural beauty of our Avimore Fences. These fences are crafted from high-quality materials to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your outdoor space. With their unique design, Avimore fences effortlessly blend with natural surroundings, creating a seamless integration with your landscape. Enjoy privacy, security, and a touch of rustic elegance with our Avimore fences, perfect for those seeking a fence that adds character to their property.



Simtek Fences – Aesthetic Appeal and Superior Strength Discover the perfect combination of aesthetic appeal and superior strength with our Simtek Fences. These innovative fences mimic the look and texture of natural stone or wood, offering a visually striking and low-maintenance alternative. Built to withstand harsh weather conditions and resist impact, our Simtek fences provide unparalleled durability without sacrificing style. Choose from a range of colors and textures to create a stunning focal point for your property that will impress for years to come.

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