How To Install A Vinyl Fence Videos

How To Install A Vinyl Fence

Check out our YouTube channel for videos on how to install vinyl fences, gates and other fencing products like a pro. We have a variety of installation tips and tricks to make it easier for you to learn how to install a vinyl fence at your property. Watch our videos from this page or visit our YouTube channel and subscribe so you can stay up-to-date with all our new content.  

Calculate Fence Material

How to build a vinyl fence? One of the first things you must do is create a plan. You must measure and lay out your job. Once you have the general layout complete, you will be able to figure out what materials you will need for your project. Watch this video below and you know how to do these steps like a pro!

Setting Vinyl Privacy Post

When you’re ready to learn how to install a vinyl fence, our videos can help. There are a handful of ways to go about laying out your project and setting the post, this is how our construction company does it in Idaho. There are a few things we do differently today. Instead of filling the holes with dirt as the video says we fill each hole with concrete and drive the post into the wet mix. This keeps water out of the post and eliminates frost upheaval. 

Assembling Vinyl Privacy Panels

Installing the fence panels is the easiest part of building a vinyl fence. This video shows how we install the panels. There are a few things you guys can do differently. You do not need a notching tool for the rails, you can use screws. Watch the video below to see how this is done. Also, this is a 6′ wide panel, most of what we sell is 8′ which has a metal insert in the bottom rail and u-channel for the pickets next to the fence post. If you screw the u-channel to the post you will have a strong wind resistant fence.

Assembly Vinyl Privacy Gate

Our gates are one of the best gates on the market. We have used many manufactures and the gates do not stand up to the test of time. Our Galvanized steel frames are extremely rigid and will last a long time. If you order a 5-6′ gate ask about adding a center brace which adds more support for the large gate.

Install Vinyl Privacy Fence on a Hill

Unlike preassembled panels you can find at big box stores, we sell a commercial grade product that can work on all ground. It would be nice if every yard was perfectly level but….. They are not! Don’t be fooled by the big box stores marketing gimmicks. Pre-assembled panels are terrible. We have an entire page dedicated to them. 

Install Vinyl Privacy Fence on a Steep Hill

There are a few ways you can go about installing vinyl fence on a steep hill. In this tutorial we show you how to raise the pickets by adding an additional bottom rail. This method is cheaper and stronger. Another method is to order extra-long pickets. There are a few problems with the longer picket. One is they are not easy to come by. They are a non-stock item which means they have to be ordered and shipped which adds extra cost. If you want the longer picket, please discuss this with your sales rep. 

Cutting 6′ Privacy Vinyl to 3′

Our vinyl fence is so customizable. If you have a few simple tools you can taper or cut down your fence to whatever height you need.


Not every fence is the same, some have nice 90 degree corners and others have odd degrees. This is not a problem when you buy our vinyl fence. Watch the video and see how easy it is to make an odd corner work and look beautiful. 





Setting 3 Rail Vinyl Post

Vinyl Horse fence, also known as ranch rail is one of the easiest fences to install. One thing to note is in most situations you will have long fence lines in excess of 1000′. When setting the post you can not use a string for lines this long. Watch the tutorial and pickup tips and tricks that will help you install like a pro. 

Install Vinyl Horse Fence Rails

Putting the vinyl rails in is the easiest part of vinyl horse fence. If you have a large project it may be in your best interest to invest in a notching tool. Our vinyl rails come pre notched but it is much faster to install if you set your post a little short and cut each rail. If you have a smaller project just put a screw into the top rail next to the post and add a screw on the bottom of the mid and bottom rail next to the post so the rails do not slide. 

Assemble A Horse Fence Gate

Please take a note: Our video says to apply 1 screw on one side of the gate and 2 screws on the other. Please use 2 screws on each side, we have found that the gates will be stronger and last longer. 


Setting Vinyl Picket Fence Post

Picket vinyl fence is a little more tricky because of the spacing of the pickets. You can calculate each fence line so each panel is the same size or you can set each panel exact and have a short panel at the end. 

Assemble Melrose Picket Fence Panels

Make sure you follow the steps close in this tutorial, specially attaching the panels. If you notch the ends only and do not screw them secure they will move over time and look unattractive. 

Assemble Melrose Picket Gate

Melrose picket gates are very small and light so in most cases you will not receive this gate unless you specifically ask for it. Our manufactured picket gates have not received a single call back so we use them. Sometimes our locations will have a hard time getting the gates assembled so we will send this gate instead. Bonus for you guys!

Assemble Regency Vinyl Fence Gate

Just like our melrose gate we do not normally send this product out. This gate is much like our savannah gate, the only difference is the picket width is 3″ instead of 1″

Repair A Vinyl Fence the Easy Way

In this video the customer had rocks the size of a wheelbarrow. It was out of the question to dig the post up. Our construction company Buetts Fence out of Idaho installed the fence originally. Each post had a minimum of 400lbs of concrete so as you can imagine, it would be very labor intensive to remove the concrete bases. Instead of removing the concrete base we drove metal inserts into the ground and attached the post to the inserts.

How to Install Chain Link Fence – Stretching the Wire

All though this is not a vinyl fence video it is a very nice video showing how to install chain link. We do sell chain link at all 42 locations nationwide so if you are interested in purchasing chain link please talk to your sales rep.

How to Install Chain Link Fence – Setting Post

This is one of the best and simple instruction videos on how to install a chain link fence. We will cover in detail how this is done.

How to Install a Cedar Fence – Installing the Pickets

Although we do not offer cedar products we still want to offer you guys quality installation videos. Our videos are not the best edits we know that but they get the job done!

How to Install a Cedar Fence Setting the Post

When it comes to cedar fence it is important to use quality products. This is the same all fence but if you do not use a treated product it will fall apart in a few short years.

Assemble a Vinyl Privacy Gate With Lattice

This gate will not be sent on all orders. We generally send them direct, if one of our locations can’t get one out soon enough we will send this steel frame gate instead.

Install Vinyl Fence in High Wind Areas

In this tutorial we will show you how to assemble a vinyl fence for high wind areas. 

Installing a 15′ Double Gate

We hope you enjoyed watching our how to tutorials. We are happy to help you guys build quality projects with our quality products. Installing vinyl fence is fairly easy if you have the right tools and experience. Vinyl fence is only one of the many products we offer nationwide but this website is dedicated strictly to vinyl fencing. If you have suggestions feel free to shoot us an email and we will look it over and try our best to create a top quality how to tutorial.

Vinyl Fence is an amazing product if installed correct. I really want to emphasize this. If it is not installed correct it can be a really bad product, just like all construction, if you did not do your homework or if you picked up tips that are not satisfactory to a quality install you will regret it down the road. Please, take your time, do your homework and try your best to use the best practices today so your fence will last a lifetime.

Vinyl fencing has been around since the early 90s, well, it’s been around longer than that but it started getting exposure in the 90s. We all want a product that is affordable and maintenance free. Unfortunately we live in a world that does not allow things to stay new for ever, just like us, things get old and eventually die 🙂 Of course vinyl does not die but after a life time it will need to be replaced. With that being said it is an outstanding product for the price, much better than other materials on the market within the same price range.