Wholesale Vinyl Fence offers a variety of gates in different sizes. Our privacy and Horse Fence Gates come with an internal steel frame. Vinyl privacy gates without support will not last. They will sag and fall apart within the first year. If you buy a gate from Wholesale Vinyl Fencing you will receive the best quality gates on the market.

Browse our gates below. Check out our fence installation videos for tips and tricks.

Vinyl Fence Driveway Gates

If you need a vinyl fence driveway gate that is outside of our standard Double gate size, let us know. We can custom make you vinyl fence gate Kit to fit your Driveway.

Vinyl Fence Double Gate

When ordering a vinyl fence double gate, you will be given 2 options. A 10′ or a 12′ double. This is our standard width, it is large enough to fit a full size truck, trailer or RV. If you are installing your gate over a paved drive pad, please add a gate wheel to your order. Speak to a sales rep today to save you time. We will make sure you get exactly what you need.

Vinyl Fence Gate

We ship picket gates straight from the manufacture. They use a vinyl fence gate style without reinforcement. Usually this does not work but a picket fence is so light the construction of the vinyl fence gate is strong enough to withstand most residential use for a long time.

Vinyl Fence Gate Kit

Unless you are purchasing a picket fence gate, you will receive a gate kit from us. Our gate kits are sent with 90% of our privacy and 100% of our Horse Fences. Privacy and horse fence are 2 products that get a lot of abuse. For this reason we designed a steel frame gate kit that can withstand high wind and ag use.

Vinyl Fence Gate Hinges

A gate will sag with time. We do everything in our power to prevent this but it will still happen. Our gates are rigid, they will not sag, the post will pull from the weight of the gate with time and this creates a problem. Our solution, adjustable hinges. There are a handful of adjustable hinges on the market. We use a powder coated heavy duty hinge with 2″ of adjustment!

PVC Fence Gate

If you order a PVC fence gate from us you know you are getting quality. Our PVC Fence Gates come in kits. They have internal galvanized steel frames making them rigid and strong enough to withstand daily use.