Vinyl Fencing Colors

As a trusted wholesale fence supplier, Wholesale Fencing is proud to offer an extensive range of vinyl fencing options, including an array of captivating colors. Our partnership with CertainTeed, a renowned manufacturer, allows us to provide customers with diverse choices, featuring not only traditional hues but also vinyl fences that emulate the appearance of wood and rock. Discover the allure of colors in vinyl fencing and make your project stand out.

  • Unveiling the Color Palette: At Wholesale Fencing, we understand that the colors of vinyl fencing can make a significant difference in enhancing the aesthetics of any property. Gone are the days when white and tan were the only options available. Embrace a broader spectrum of colors, where creativity knows no bounds.
  • Choosing the Right Vinyl Fence: Navigating the vast selection of vinyl fence options can be overwhelming, even for seasoned professionals. To simplify your decision-making process, here are some essential considerations when choosing a vinyl fence for your home or business
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Vinyl Quality Matters

Wholesale Fencing insists on using virgin PVC for our vinyl fences. Unlike consumer-grade fences made from recycled plastics, our professional-grade vinyl fences are built to withstand various weather conditions. They resist premature sagging, brittleness, and fading, thanks to the incorporation of UV inhibitors. For a long-lasting investment, opt for professional-grade materials.


Component Sizes and Wall Thickness

Manufacturers often compromise component sizes and wall thickness to offer budget-friendly options. While inexpensive styles may utilize thinner fence posts and require additional wood inserts for stability, professional-grade vinyl fences feature robust 4″ square posts, eliminating the need for extra support. Choose durability and longevity over temporary cost savings.

Reinforcement and Section Widths

A quality vinyl fence is reinforced internally, ensuring strength and stability. Look for pickets with interior ribbing or other reinforcement techniques and galvanized steel reinforcement channels in the bottom rails to prevent sagging. Additionally, opt for full-length 8-foot rails for taller fences and privacy fences. Remember, investing in better materials can save you from future expenses.

Design and Installation Considerations

When it comes to the design and installation of vinyl fencing, Wholesale Fencing aims to offer solutions that prioritize both aesthetics and ease of use. Consider the following factors when evaluating different vinyl fence brands:

Routed Posts vs. Brackets

Wholesale Fencing favors the superior aesthetics and strength of routed posts over brackets. Routed posts provide a secure and visually pleasing attachment method for horizontal rails, surpassing bracketed systems in appearance and installation ease. This ensures that your fence sections remain firmly in place, even during harsh weather conditions.

Picket Attachment

While some brands rely on gluing or screwing pickets to the face of horizontal rails, superior brands employ more reliable attachment methods. Look for fences with routed rails that allow pickets to be inserted through the center or into extruded grooves. Secure picket attachment ensures long-lasting durability and aesthetic appeal.

Gate Construction

Gates are crucial elements of any vinyl fence project. Avoid cutting corners when it comes to gate construction, as it can lead to recurring maintenance issues. Invest in high-quality gates with sturdy uprights fastened securely to horizontal rails. Look for gates that incorporate steel or aluminum frames to prevent sagging. Utilize durable gate hardware designed for dual attachment points, ensuring a secure and hassle-free gate operation.

Rust-Resistant Hardware

When installing vinyl fencing, it’s crucial to choose hardware that complements its low-maintenance nature. Stainless steel hardware, powder-coated or made from high-quality polymer, is ideal. Avoid regular painted steel hardware, as it can cause rust stains to mar the pristine appearance of your vinyl fence.

Wholesale Fencing, a leading wholesale fence supplier, offers a remarkable selection of vinyl fencing colors, materials, and designs to elevate your next project. With our commitment to quality, durability, and aesthetics, you can trust us to provide professional-grade vinyl fences that enhance the beauty of any property. Explore the wide array of colors available, and create a visually stunning and long-lasting fencing solution for your customers.

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