Vinyl Picket Fencing

Vinyl Picket fencing takes us back to earlier and simpler times. We all have seen TV specials or sitcoms where all the homes have picket fencing. Back then they were made of wood and needed lots of care. Now we have vinyl picket fencing which looks as good and has very little care needed. When you are planning to put in that dream fence we can help you do just that. We offer different style for different needs and locations and also we carry only the vinyl Picket Fencing made in the USA.

Melrose Vinyl Fence

Melrose Fencing is the traditional picket style that we all picture in our minds. It is the straight line 2 rail picket fence and it is perfect for your front yard or business store front. It is made here in the USA and it will hold up in many different climates. We offer two types of caps for your pickets , but the most common are pointed and Dog ear caps. We have a good selection of caps for your post as well. Our gate shop will be able to help you with any gate needs you might have.

Scalloped Melrose Vinyl Fence

Scalloped Melrose is a very elegant style of fencing and is built very similar to the traditional Melrose fencing. The biggest difference is that instead of a straight line top the scalloped is in more of a wave form. Now you can have this where it starts high at the post and goes down or start small at the post and goes up. If you go to our website you will see the differences that are explained here.

Savannah/Regency Picket Fencing

The Savannah/Regency vinyl picket fencing is the perfect choice for your swimming pool area. It is different from the other picket fencing as the pickets do not come through the top rail. It is a smooth top fencing and it will meet all codes and regulations in your area. Your gates and latches will also meet the codes for fencing around pools and hot tubs. Your fencing needs are found right here with us and remember all your fence is made right here in the USA.

Wholesale Vinyl Fence Company

As Wholesale Vinyl Fence Company home town wholesale supplier, we hope to help all our friends and neighbors. You are in luck, because we offer a full line up uf vinyl fencing, chain link fencing, Horse fencing and iron fencing. As a wholesaler we have a full shop to help make your gates and fabricate any parts you might need for your fence

Wholesale Vinyl Store

Wholesale Fence Store offers you a full line of vinyl fence products and you can get many different styles for your home or business. You have many different types of vinyl on the market and we are proud to carry Commercial grade quality made here in the USA. Our full shop can construct your gates to last. We use a full metal internal frame for our vinyl gates. We build those and ship them out directly to your home or office. Our goal is to sale to the public and contractors alike.

Chain Link Fence Store

As a wholesaler we can get many different styles and fence material. Because we are a wholesaler and as such we can buy in bulk and we get better prices. By doing this we are able to get a higher quality material for the price of the cheaper quality material. Our chainlink fence material is a 11 gauge wire or nine gauge wire. The big box stores carry an 11.5 gauge wire and will not hold up as well as the heavier gauges do. The post and top rail are .065 wall pipe and we also offer schedule 40 for the heavy industrial fence jobs. Therefore whatever your project please call us or visit our online store.

WVF Gate Shop

WVFFS  has an excellent gate shop where we make all our gates and we have over 40 years in the business. This means that you can get any type of gate you need for your fence. We build solid steel frames for our vinyl and wood gates. The vinyl gate has a full metal inclosed frame wrapped in the vinyl material. That way you get the great look of a vinyl gate and have the strength and the adjustability you will need. Gates need to be adjusted about every 6 months to a year. That is caused by the temperature changes and and ground movement. Our latches have adjustments built in to them for ease of adjustment when needed.

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