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Browse our selection of gate sizes and color options below. Prices do not include hardware. Read the instruction guidelines before installation.

Savanah Pool 4′ Tall x 3′ Wide Assembled $378.62

Savanah Pool 4′ Tall x 4′ Wide assembled $378.62

Savanah Pool 4′ Tall x 5′ Wide Assembled $403.05

4″ Gate Post Insert x 72″ $46.41


If you order a 4′ wide single gate the gate will not be 4′ wide (in most cases). Most gates will measure 46″ wide allowing a 1″ gap on each side of the post for a opening of 4′ and this goes for all single gates. For double gates the difference will be 3″. Always measure your gate before you set your post and remember to add 2″ to the opening. Make sure you insert a steel gate post insert inside the hinging post and fill the inside of the post to ground level with concrete if possible. Attach your hinges 4″ below the top rail and 4″ above the bottom rail with the self tapping screws provided. Attach your hinges to the post with the steel inside. Level the gate and make sure the gaps on each side of the gate measure the same. Attach the striker and latch at a height desired.


Vinyl gates do not have steel reinforcements or braces and may sag. To prevent sagging, apply two 2-1/2″ bolts in each joining corner of the gate and then apply an adjustable cable brace from the bottom corner of the gate on the latch side to the top corner of the gate on the hinge side and tighten the cable until the gate feels firm. For double gates add roller wheels on each gate closest to the center where the gate latches. Bolts, brace cables and wheels are not included, customer/contractor must provide materials. We do not warranty gates due to installation guideline requirements. Each location uses different venders to build vinyl gates so your gate will not look like the image above, the image is just an example.

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